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Seaside Resort
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Well, I went LIVE on the website last night... so I'm on my journey! I'm still tweaking things on the website, but that's something a good steward of their website would always do anyway... ongoing. I still want to add a short 1-2 minute video introducing myself at the top of the homepage. It will not automatically play though. Visitors can just decide if they'd like to see who I am. I do want to have some of the newer items that websites have though, such as strips... and I am watching a video series on all that. I created this website with Wix... so it's a tutorial for their site, and you can see that here. I've actually started several times with different website creators... but I like Wix the best right now. Anyway, gotta get busy tweaking!

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  • Writer's pictureSherry Waterman
  • I've been working on my website on several other occasions. I finally figured out how to get the font I wanted. I actually "borrowed" someone else's font, but then edited it to make it my own... and I'm happy with the result.

  • Next, I had to figure out how to make that font have the picture of the diamond inside the font... then write the name so it would be on a transparent background.

  • Lastly, I actually added some diamond gifs to the name... but that may be too hokey. I'll just try it out for a while to see what I think.

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  • Writer's pictureSherry Waterman

Well, it's finally happening! I'm finally updating the website--1 of 3 that I had started!! :) I had them on 3 different web platforms... jeez!!! So tonight, these are the updates I did on THIS site:

  1. I worked on getting links to my Google Docs of some of my writing work for DLC (Diamond Loop Copywriting). I put up 5 (one of which was a humorous fiction piece I wrote.)

  2. I reworked my Home page, my About Me page, my Contacts page, my Portfolio page, and my Blog.

  3. More to come on Logo and font for the name.

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